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It’s All about The Water!

It is proven to be true… New York pizza (or bagels, or pretzels, or whateva) cannot be made with ANY other water in the world, other than New York City water. In fact, many of the top restaurants pay to have New York City ice shipped in so they can offer the same taste in Florida, Texas, even Canada!

What’s worse, calculate in gas prices for shipping and the degraded taste of the water during shipment and the end product is still probably only 80% there. But what if your free city water could be instantly changed into the exact structure, mineral content, and TASTE as New York City Water… and ultra purified so the taste is there, and no bacteria or chemicals end up in your food!


NY WaterMaker Levels the Playing Field for Restaurant Owners

Our science team created a small machine that fits in any kitchen. It conveniently attaches to your wall so there’s no valuable space lost. Plus it converts ALMOST any city water into the same taste as any other city you can think of (just think: New York bagels, or French pastries, or even Belgian lager made fresh in any city at any time).

The New York WaterMaker has been featured in over 106 TV shows, restaurant magazines, pizza shows, and people all over the internet are chatting about it right now. A simple google of “New York Watermaker” shows over 5,720 mentions of the system.

Presenting the NY WATERMAKER

Replicate Any Water In The World

New York City (NYC) is the culinary capital of the world. The key ingredient in its cuisine is the renowned water. For those outside of the Big Apple, it has been nearly impossible to reproduce this legendary food taste and quality…UNTIL NOW…

New York WaterMaker is the world’s first water source replication system that will enable restaurants and franchisors to reproduce the superior taste and quality of NYC food and beverages— anywhere in the world.

Our patented, small but powerful and highly effective water system not only reproduces the exact hardness, molecular structure, and chemical composition of NYC water, but can be configured to replicate the specific water qualities from ANY CITY IN THE WORLD!

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Why NYC Water?

No pizza in America can compare to a thin, foldable New York slice. Likewise, authentic New York bagels are the only acceptable breakfast rolls for many Americans. For the first time ever, New York dough can be replicated!

The science behind it: Minerals dissolved in water (mostly magnesium and calcium) can help proteins in the flour bond together more tightly, forming a stronger gluten structure, the network of interconnected proteins that give dough its strength and elasticity.

So the higher the mineral content of water (measured in parts per million or ppm), the stronger and chewier the dough. In theory, it makes sense, and is easily provable in a laboratory, but let’s listen to what chef’s and restaurant owners are saying…

The Science Behind it

What is it About the  New York City Water?

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